I am a 40 Something Year Old with a Bunch of S#!t to Share!
I HAVE NOTHING TO SELL YOU!!! I am just a guy that has fallen on my butt over and over again, but
have also given my share of "high fives"!
!! Because I have put myself "out there" to try out new things and
experiences, I have become quite an expert on what works and what doesn't!
Making Money, Saving
and Having Fun has been my life's work! I am by no means a wealthy man and work harder than
most to earn an extra dollar, but figuring out things for myself has been well worth thi
s journey!...and that
is why TheFoosers.com has been crafted!
I don't know everything, but I do want to share my successes
and other fun things that I am into (whether popular or not)...
click the "About Me" button to learn a little
more about me and why I created this site!
About Chris Foos
Have a little patience with the site!  I will be adding content nearly everyday! I have literally hundreds of articles
to share!
You can also find me lurking around at:
10% of everything my wife and I earn, from
all sources, goes to:
Even a Penny can Help!
Help Us Help Those In Need!
I don't care where you live...or what you drive...or
even your past history!!! When the MONEY TREE dies,
we all freak out and immediately g
o searching for
solutions!!! Some of us pray and some of us Google
search for answers...
I have done both!

Though I can't offer you the "gold at the end of the
I can help, through these pages, by
providing info on what worked for me (and what
didn't) in getting my finances trending in the positive

You will not find any "get rich fast" schemes
here!!!...but...you will find tried and proven methods
to g
et your Money Tree growing again and maybe
have some fun along the way doing it!
Learning to do things for yourself can save you big
but why not just add these pages to "Nursing
Your Money Tree" you ask?...

Because getting off our asses and learning something
new is the best therapy on this planet, and sometimes
has nothing to do with money!

This section is not just for
Dudes but Dudettes too!

I have gone from the hovering
Wrench Bitch ("Go get
that wrench bitch!") to the critical
Wrench Asshole
("Why are you not using a Stubby Ratchet Wrench
there bitch!")

Through thousands of YouTube videos, there is nothing
I don't tackle myself these days!
This is my own website and DAMN IT!, I want to
share my "
likes" and "dislikes" in the comfort of my
own space!!!

It has taken me decades to realize how much I love
life, and I am not letting this "
dictate how I feel anymore!

stepping down off my soap box now...lol...

These pages are just for fun! I do have my share of
opinions, but I never take things too seriously!

Here you are only going to find out what a 40
something year old finds interesting and
so you can put the picket signs down!